The future starts today


entrepreneurial thinking for learning, work and life


Problems inspire Ideas

Discover opportunities where others see only problems


Overcome 'impossible' problems

Invent breakthrough solutions without creating negative consequences


You can't do it alone

Understand how to build a collaborative team for any project


Know your surroundings

Locate market and customer information from substantiated sources


Optimize your uniqueness

Build and leverage your brand for maximum advantage


Manage Projects Strategically

Turn ideas into prototypes using modeling and iterative cycles of building, testing and learning


Failure is your Friend

Accelerate achievement by learning from small mistakes


Never stop moving

Align and monitor priorities, research, talent, tools and tasks for optimum results


Present with impact

Craft and deliver compelling presentations that culminate in action

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Help Young People take charge of their Future

Whether you teach middle school or high school students, or work with young people outside of school, helping them develop entrepreneurial thinking opens doors to higher education and employability. Students with entrepreneurial skills have a significant competitive advantage over others in terms of ideation, project/product development, research, team-building, collaboration, networking and presentation skills. Whether they start their own business or not, these are skills valued by schools, universities and employers.

Become certified! Promote entrepreneurial thinking by joining our community of practice. Become a certified Startup Generation facilitator by completing our four day immersion training experience. As a member of an immersion team, develop a new product or service from idea to investor pitch. Along the way, learn how to lead young people in the same quest and enhance your own earning potential as a certified facilitator.

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Measure Mastery with NextREADY

With NextREADY integration, Startup Generation advances the art and science of assessment. Now it is possible to track an individual learner's progress from novice to mastery in ways that are meaningful both to schools and businesses. Entrepreneurial competencies are measured through deliverables in all facets of entrepreneurial thinking: ideation, teamwork, research, production, branding and presentation.